Ripple XRP: SWIFT To Integrate R3 – Ripple Will Run Payments Around The World

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SWIFT To Integrate R3’s Technology

SWIFT to integrate R3’s technology

R3 Launches Universal Settler Application to Facilitate Global Payments on Corda; XRP the first settlement mechanism

D+H Corporation and Global PAYplus partnership with Ripple bigger then we think…..

D+H Corporation and Global PAYplus partnership with Ripple bigger then we think…..

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  1. I bought at .29 and I’m going to buy again. BTW it looks like SWIFT is not using XRP with R3. It seems they are using it with Swift gpi to provide greater transparency with their gpi payments.

  2. Hello XRP COMMUNITY,I write with so much griev in my heart. .Am a student who fell in love with crypto expecially XRP,and I tried hard to purchase 600xrp,,but rite now am left with just 50xrp while trying to make some profit for my upkeep,but unfortunately I lost 50xrp.

    Pls my good XRP members,,help a brother,,No amount of XRP is too small..I beg u in God’s name..I don’t really no what to do.. Address raaa1EPE17HaJ9PepKc5M5NnVNrgYwSERv

  3. I motivated someone in high 60s, to acquire XRP tokens, the guy made his first buy with little directions over the phone.
    And I added to my account as well…

    Why I’m feeling great, I was able to explain someone in His retirement to buy some XRP? Otherwise too tough to convince the seniors.

    GO Ripple, Go slow but steady!

  4. I was in last night at 28. Posted about it at another video as that is where we took off in October after bouncing around support.

  5. Xrp is being dumped every month by ripple.. you idiots keep buying it while ripple makes money on you… I hope ripple will go to jail for stealing from investors .

  6. Check…and mate! This is one of the single biggest pieces of news on XRP ever! Even with the the rise $0.32 is still a great deal. No harm in FOMOing in.

  7. “SWIFT GPI will integrate directly to Corda Settler, the application that allows participants on the Corda blockchain to initiate and settle payment obligations via both traditional and blockchain-based rails,” explained R3 co-founder Todd McDonald. “This will enable obligations created or represented on Corda to be settled via the large and growing SWIFT GPI network.”

    “Following the recent launch of our Corda Settler, allowing for the payment of obligations raised on the Corda platform, it was a logical extension to plug into SWIFT GPI. SWIFT GPI has rapidly become the new standard to settle payments right across the world. All the blockchain applications running on Corda will thus benefit from the fast, secure and transparent settlement provided through the SWIFT gpi banks.”

    R3 Corda Platform —-> Optional R3 Corda Settler App —-> Settlement in straight XRP OR —– > Settlement using SWIFT gpi.

    SWIFT is still competition. And R3 is enabling them to have more reach.

  8. I had a couple of orders in and I was able to catch 1/2 at 28.6 leaving the some on the table. Oh well I still woke up this morning to a giant GREEN flag which was nice for a change. Lets go XRP!

  9. We know exactly where Ripple and SWIFT stand right now by Brad’s comments at the Paris Forum. They are not partnered, but Ripple is still open to it.

  10. R3 Corda Settler now allows users to use SWIFT GPI as an alternative to settling though xrp. This is direct competition to xrp.

  11. there are 2 options: 1; swift and ripple are working together. 2; Swift needs to use XRP aswell in someway to stay in competition with ripple. Its a win/win anyway for XRP holders.

  12. Price will correct after this “FOMO’ and we will dip again below 30 cents……price now is irrelevant as these are bargain prices for us HODLers that have exit plans at $50, $100 and higher….

  13. Son of ah Bitch!!! I initiated a deposit last Wednesday and it just cleared today right after the price jumped up 10%. Just my luck 😭

  14. Galgitron is saying this is bad news and the xrp community is full of hopium.. he says this is competition.

    What are your thoughts?

  15. Don’t despair at not buying XRP at $0.29 as even buying XRP at $0.40 is still a bargain price in the long run. When XRP is worth $50.00+ those differences will amount to not very much! XRP’s bargain prices are to be had now!! Soon, those prices less than $1.00 will be history!! Buy and HODL!!

  16. Bravo on whoever bought in yesterday; #balls of steel. I wonder why swift went and partnered with R3 instead of Ripple, not that it matters as an xrp holder. Maybe it was part of Ripple/R3’s settlement agreement as a runner up prize since they wouldn’t be allowed to buy a billion XRP at $.06 any more, or maybe it was to publicly demonstrate that XRP is indeed not a security without needing an official announcement from the SEC. Or maybe it was swift saving face so they wouldn’t need to kneel to the almighty Ripple, as most the public are to stupid to realize that R3 and Ripple are 2 sides of the same coin. We’ll probably still see fud that Swift chose R3 not Ripple and that Corda settler doesn’t have to use XRP.

  17. I’m already in position and I have a lot, but it would have been nice to accumulate more at these levels. And glad I told my friends and family to get some and they did.

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