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  1. So now they have the international symbol for no,,,,,,,,all they need is a cigarette behind it and its a no smoking sign

  2. wish I could tell you where I heard it but Bitcoin has worked on some S10’s, wonder if it is geographically related?

  3. Love the new logo!!! Every early investor will remember the rocket ship though 🚀 glad to see Stellar polishing their advertising. Stellar is my 3rd biggest investment so I’m happy to see this change!

  4. I don’t think there is a problem with any source having your private key if, withdrawals are whitelisted. Am I wrong? For example, if I own 0.35BTC on platform A, they have my private key but to withdraw is already whitelisted to only Coinbase account, then what is the problem? They can’t have access to my coins.

  5. I like the new XLM logo…but where can I spend my Lumens to buy a Cappuccino? Starbucks…I’m lookin’ at you…great commentary btw…cheers…

  6. Imagine an Anonymous Coin, for the people…. That would be pretty cool, then we can really take down the fed and live free

  7. I loved the rocket… That is how companies spend your money on some marketing nerd.. For nothing.. Omg second life… Those were the days!

  8. Are they going to call it Saturn now?
    And yeah the rocket ship was always tacky… I mean for REAL use an not just moon boy stuff

  9. Hmm,…. It was a good idea that they (Winklevoss twins) made that statement. Of course trust is earned. I don’t have all of my money in the bank, nor would I have all of my crypto in Gemini. And yeah,…..people lose their keys. I think we might see many ‘centralized’ establishments try to earn our trust. The smart ones, that play fair, and are transparent, are going to maintain their customers and survive in the long term. I don’t love the Winklevoss twins, but I have to admit they are pretty damn good businessmen.

  10. HAHAHAHAH i am a long time stellar investor who is a HUGE fan of the technology and have a lot of skin in it…i swear THE ONLY thing bothering me was this stupid cartoon rocket which made it feel like shitcoin if not for the tech itself i would never even go through the whitepaper…
    Fantastic new design i just love it!
    Congrats to my favorite coin!

  11. The setellite idea is stupid and redundant. If Internet goes off we cant access to their site definitely so… 😂🚀RIP Steller Logo

  12. Team AA, please tell me if it’s ok to buy LTC now at $55. I like to have some. I got rid of all the shit coins. Currently I have BTC ETH EOS XMR XLM xrP DASH NEO ICX DGB TRX & the great Cardano ADA. All the Top ones.
    So, I like to have LTC.
    Very important…. I don’t know why I feel like TRX is a scam coin.
    I can’t trust Justin Sun in the Crypto space. Please let me know your thoughts.
    I like your video and follow all the time. Thanks

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