Johnny Depp’s lawyers say social media played no part in trial verdict

In his defamation lawsuit against Amber Heard, Johnny Depp’s attorneys claim that social media “had no influence whatsoever” in the jury’s decision.

Depp’s attorneys, Ben Chew and Camille Vasquez, appeared on two talk shows to discuss the judgment, which gave the actor $10.4 million in compensatory damages.

The six-week high-profile trial ended on June 1 with a Virginia jury unanimously siding with the 58-year-old Pirates of the Caribbean star and agreeing that his ex-wife defamed him.

Depp filed a lawsuit against the 36-year-old Aquaman star, alleging defamatory allegations in an op-ed published by The Washington Post in 2018.

Vasquez and Chew came on NBC’s Today Show on Wednesday (June 8) to celebrate the trial triumph, and presenter Savannah Guthrie wondered if the reaction on social media to Heard had an affect on the outcome of the trial.

“I don’t think there’s any basis to assume the jurors breached their oath,” Chew said, denying that social media “swayed” the panel.

He went on to add that hearing Heard’s counsel suggest that the jury was “influenced by social media” and that it was “lopsided” in favor of Heard was “disappointing.”

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The trial was “everywhere” in the media, according to Vasquez, yet they were “admonished every single night and they had a huge amount of disdain for the court and the process, and they were doing the best they could.”

Their remarks follow Elaine Bredehoft’s appearance on NBC’s Today show last week, only hours after the jury’s decision, to lament Heard’s loss. Guthrie inquired if social media had impacted the jury’s decision.

“There’s no way they couldn’t have been affected by social media,” the lawyer said. And it was a nightmare. It was unbalanced.”

Throughout the six-week trial, a social media campaign erupted, with fans posting memes, modified video, and thoughts about the stars at the core of the case on multiple platforms.

With trending hashtags like #amberheardisaliar and #justiceforjohnnydepp, the internet frenzy seemed notably biased in favor of the Fantastic Beasts star.

On Wednesday morning, the attorneys appeared on ABC’s Good Morning America, when anchor George Stephanopoulos questioned them if the social media campaign against Heard had influenced the case’s conclusion.

“In my opinion, social media had no role at all,” Chew told GMA. “The jury made this conclusion based on the facts given by both parties.” “It was massively in Mr. Depp’s favor,” Camille [Vasquez] stated.

Both lawyers, who have now become online superstars as a result of the trial, told Stephanopoulos that the “facts” and “evidence” heard in the courtroom were the “key to success.”

“He was able to connect with the jury and the wider audience and describe what truly transpired in this relationship,” Vasquez said, adding that Depp’s testimony had been “six years in the making.”