Texas Mom Who Ran Into Robb Elementary School To Save Her Kids From Shooter Speaks Out

As gunfire went out inside Robb Elementary School, cops stood outside for 77 minutes, doing nothing to help the terrified students inside. Officers were forced to forcibly detain parents who begged them to let their children in. However, one mother was able to get past the cops and into the building to save her own children.

Angeli Gómez is a Uvalde mother and farmworker. When she arrived, cops were already stationed outside. She was perplexed, as were other parents, and pleaded with them to come in. They refused, following orders from their superior officer, and instead utilized their efforts to keep parents at bay.

Gómez managed to slip past the cops and into the building. Now she’s speaking up about what occurred on that fateful day.

Gómez claims she had just arrived at the school for her children’s graduation. When she heard about the incident, she had already returned to work. She drove back 40 miles to the school and spotted cops waiting.

“As soon as I parked my car, US marshals began approaching it, stating I wasn’t permitted to be parked there,” she told CBS News. “We’re going to have to arrest you because you’re being extremely unhelpful,” he continued, and I said, “Well, you’re going to have to arrest me because I’m going in there, and I’m telling you right now – I don’t see none of you in there.”

Texas Mom Who Ran Into Robb Elementary School To Save Her Kids From Shooter Speaks Out

“‘I don’t need you to protect me,’ I told one of the cops. Keep your distance from me. I don’t require your assistance. If anything, I need you to accompany me into the room to safeguard my children,’ “she stated

According to The Wall Street Journal, the US Marshals service did not shackle the parents, but Gomez claims she was momentarily detained. She dashed into the building as soon as the cuffs were removed.

There was not a single police in the building when she entered. Shots were still being fired.

Gómez walked to each of her kids’ classes, grabbed their hands, and raced out of the school.

While the brave mother is pleased that her two children are safe, she can’t help but think about the other children who may have been rescued. She stated, “Nothing was being done.” “If anything, [law enforcement] was being more forceful on us parents who were ready to go in there,” says the mother.

“They could have saved a lot more lives,” Gómez added, his eyes welling up with tears. “They might have entered the classroom and taken two or three students, but they could have saved the entire class, if not more. They could have done something if they had gone through the window and sniped him. Something had to be done, yet nothing had been done.”

The police reaction to the horrific shooting is being investigated by the US Justice Department.